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Loving your skin is not vanity,

it’s sanity!

Taking care of your skin helps prevent skin problems and on top of that who wouldn’t like the confidence boost one gets from healthy glowing skin? Invest in your skin because it’s going to represent you for a very long time!

Quality Products

We produce a range of carefully made herbal body creams, soaps, and scrubs for toning and lightening of the skin, fading scars, and spots, combatting dry skin, and overall improving skin texture.

Always Fresh

GBC products are handmade from scratch. They are 100% organic and made from plant extracts. We help you achieve any skin color of your choice and we assure you of safe and quality products.

Excellent Services

Over the years, our business has grown from return customers and referrals. The review we get are innumerable and this keeps us going to serve you better thereby seeking to improve the product quality on each production.

Our Guarantee

GBC is a Global African skincare company that specializes in providing all-around solutions for the entire body. We currently have products suitable for the skin, hair, and even enhancement products and we seek to do more. We have more than 60 products that deal with all kinds of skin issues.

Popular Products


This mini kit penetrates through tough skin, and whitens, achieving a deep yellow natural half cast and flawless skin tone. It fades aged spots, pigmentation and skin discolorations.



GBC body enhancement kit contains GBC paputtin kit, GBC platinum caps supplement, and GBC enhancement syrup. GBC enhancement syrup is made with honey and herbs. GBC engagement oil is made with herbs infused in oil and this is for external use only.



The package contains sparks lotion, Glow soap, 250g Moroccan scrub, face cream, flawless toner, vitamin C, and baby face serum.


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